Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Letter to God for My 23rd Year

Dear Lord,

Today, I am celebrating my 23rd year of existence in this world. Herein, I can never recall a day that you've left me nor you've forsaken me. Your grace and mercy surpassed all my sorrows and troubles I’ve had in my life.

Today, I remember how You have been good and faithful in my life. From how/where I was born, as to the color of my skin, hair, face, personality and my whole being, for the family that you have chosen for me to be with, for the kind of parents and sibling/s I have, for what friends I have around me, as to the schools I’ve been and to whatever accomplishments I’ve had; Lord, it is all because of You.

Today, on my 23rd years in this world, without a doubt I can never deny Your love for me. I might feel empty sometimes, telling myself that nobody loves me; that I am always second best in people’s lives but that’s a big lie. You were and will always be there on my side and will always embrace me when no one is left to hang on.

Your protection. For 23 years in my life You have shown me that you are the greatest Defender and will never put me into danger. You are my source of strength to be brave to go home in the middle of the night or in the break of dawn. You are always my rescue when illicit, immoral creatures attempt to pester on me or take advantage of me. Surely you are my protection and one thing I know, “Vengeance will always be Yours.

You are my God. Your faithfulness is overwhelming. Why? You deal with my shortcomings. I’ve been through a lot of temptations as to wrong decision makings. Still, You welcomed me, open-handed ready to forgive all my trespasses.

Twenty-three years is just as fast as yesterday. All I see is your unfailing love. You have chosen carefully everything to be part of my life. I might not be the most beautiful but You have created me in your own image. I might not be the smartest but I was never dumbest. I was never rich but grace will always be satisfying. I may not a product of a good school but you made me pass my examinations. I might not be the greatest but You chose me to lead groups. My parents may not be the best but You gave them as to what I am supposed to be molded. I might not be working as a nurse full time but unquestionably Your purpose in my life will never be hindered. I don’t know what might happen as I start my 23rd year in this world, all I know is, You will always be faithful, forgiving, loving merciful gracious and protective God to me.

Things may not be so good and perfect in my eyes but definitely Your promises will never failed. I have tendencies to a slack in reading my Bible but then You are using guilt and other people to remind me of the duties and responsibilities as a Christian. Personality-wise, I am inconsistent but for you Lord I’ll try to change my shortcomings and downsides. I can’t change in a day or so but with the help of the Holy Spirit I’ll find myself someday faithfully serving You with boldness in my heart to share and 100% serve you without holding back.

Lord, I know You have prepared a guy for me. A guy who will be with me for the rest of my life; who will honor me as his partner and together we will serve you Lord. He might not come today but bless him. I know someday I’ll get to see him in the right time and place.

Lord, I don’t know what future might bring where I will be a year from now. I surrender to You everything. You have printed a very nice blueprint for me. Mold me Lord for Your glory and honor. Make me a better Christian, a witness for You, use me everywhere I go and always lead me to right decision makings. Thank you for all the blessing You have giving me and for all those to come.

Let this be my prayer; my letter for You.

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