Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Means Service

In my country, summer cool breeze and boiling hot weather starts in the month of March to the month of May. Well that was before, before when I can’t feel the effects of human abuse to nature. I am talking about Global Warming. This year, summer started early and sad to say it ended early too. Summer is such a great season for me. It means “Service”. In fact, God is really the greatest scheduler ever. Why? Well, my contract as an ESL (English as Second Language) Tutor expires in summer. Sweet isn’t it? I didn’t renew my contract. I want a full service this summer for the Lord. I want to have a fruitful Summer ’09. Anyway summer season is not really long. What is 2 months without job anyway? It will not kill me. The truth is it will give me a break from work and have a fresh start after it. You have to try it. You can’t explain how fulfilled you are deep inside.

The day I ended teaching, we had our 7 Sayings Service and I sang a song. It was a good start for me for a great summer. The next day my church have had a Church Retreat. Of course I was there. For some people it doesn’t really sound good. Summer and I have no job. I beg to disagree though. I am under the divine providence of my Lord and Savior. He is the source of what I’ve got right now. It is just time for me to bring back what is due to Him.

For the past years I’ve been actively involved in Vacation Bible School. I started teaching children when I was 17 and I still did this year; hopefully for the years to come. Where ever God will take me. I want to serve Him – with all I am. The theme this year is “SonTreasure Island” – Discovering God’s Love based on 1 Corinthians 13. I know for other countries especially the United States of America, this theme was for the year 2006. Anyhow it doesn’t matter as long we use it for the Lord. This year I am task to be a Music Teacher. Anyway I volunteered. It is really overwhelming how children respond and how they are enthusiastically singing the songs you are teaching them. How did I know? I was the Music teacher last year too. How these little children ages 3 up moving there hands, singing loudly and giving there best for the Lord is just simply amazing. Thinking how there little souls wanted to worship the Most High. If we are all like children open and willing to be teach by God’s word; no resistance and no murmuring. It is just pure willingness to listen.

Thinking of what God has done in my life; service will not stop or just be around during summer season. It must go around the whole year, everyday. Have time for God like He has all the time listening to your problems and supplications. Anyhow, we are in this world by Him, through Him and for Him. Is your Master satisfied with your service? Think of it.

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