Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Eyes of My Beholder

In the eyes of my beholder

I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

In the eyes of my beholder

I have a love that time can’t break.

He has planned each of my days.

Then walks beside me

to guide me in His ways.

I don’t fear abandonment.

Not even in great discouragement.

Nor, times when I have turned from Him.

Sometimes I try to trudge my own path,

but He waits constantly calling me back.

Back to His side where times still can get rough.

But I live in a peace,

and an unwavering trust.

He has seen every blemish,

every mistake, every fault.

He was right beside me

when I was hoping no one was watching at all.

I feel an ache in my heart

that I know is from Him.

Saying, daughter don’t keep coveting this sin.

I drop to my knees

in tears and shame.

He reaches out to me,

and I can clearly see

the scars on His hands.

That reminds me of His great plan.

He lifts me to my feet again,

but I drop back down in front of Him.

This time not in grief or shame,

but in worship to His great name.

In the eyes of my beholder

what He sees in me no single word would suffice.

But He clearly showed me that

I was worth the greatest sacrifice.

By Sarah Misch

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