Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Blog. My Bad

So rude of me! I haven’t posted a single blog for 7 months. I have several reasons I can explain why this thing happened but some of my reasons are not so valid but still I will acknowledge.

First, my heart was awaken in the middle of nowhere but sad to say it’s with the wrong guy. It didn’t last long that therefore I can settle to an idea that God is protecting me from the worst part that might happen. Yes, I was brokenhearted but as what the Bible says “All things work together for GOOD to those who love God.” Romans 8:28. I am a daughter of God. I don’t deserve someone that is an enemy of God. I know it sounds so witless but in this life we can say we don’t really decide in sound mind all the time.

In addition, I lost my internet connection at home. The cost of the monthly fee was out of my budget those times so it needed to be cut off. Other reasons were, I was busy processing my Board Exam Rating and my license card as a nurse, looking for a job until I got hired and a lot more. I hope my justifications are reasonable and acceptable.

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ivan said...

its so sad.i wish your internet connection was down in the fee so you can blog again.greetings from me